Bladder issues
An_255574 posted:
I first noticed about 7 hours ago that I had the need to urinate just 30 minutes after I'd empty my bladder. Went to the bathroom but still felt like afterwards, that I still needed to urinate. No pain or anything like that. Not feeling sick. Just feel like something is sitting on my bladder & I need to urinate very much. Have gone to the bathroom at least 7-8 times in the last 7 hours but very little urine & still feel like I need to afterwards. Still feels like something is pushing on my bladder & I just went to the bathroom 10 minutes ago. Will be 58 this year and no other symptoms other than feeling like I have a full bladder but can't urinate. Not sure what I should do and don't know why this came on that suddenly.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Sounds like a UTI or bladder infection. You need to see your doctor.
nanag56 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
I did. Kidney infection. Just hadn't had one in years and forgot the symptons. Thanks!!!
hope4more responded:
If your urine tests come back clear, please get checked for interstitial cystitis and I will pray you do not have it! Good Luck my dear!
georgiagail replied to diseasefighter's response:
This is a female, you idiot. Quit pushing your spam nonsense.