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Bleeding 2+ Years
katiekay0216 posted:
I am 20 years old and I have been bleeding for over two years. I don't have health care to figure out what's going on. Sometimes I bleed much heavier than my "normal", but it has only ever stopped once and that was a year ago for a few days. The heavy bleeding is accompanied by many blood clots and crippling cramps. I just really want to know if anyone has treated a similar condition and what it could be because I am really freaking myself out by looking at possible diagnoses.
georgiagail responded:
Look; access to health care or not, you need to get this looked into medically. Obviously bleeding for over two years isn't normal. Geeze woman, I don't mean to sound harsh but for heavens sake, get this looked into medically!

Is there a Planned Parenthood Organization where you live? They offer lower cost reproductive services.

katiekay0216 replied to georgiagail's response:
No there is nothing like that nearby. I live out in the middle of no where with no transportation to even get down south where that kind of thing is available. The one time I went to the only hospital near me they sent me home and gave me a $1000 bill and didn't even waive it even though I filled out the paperwork. They said I need to go to the obgyn and they weren't going to call him in for something that obviously was in need of an appointment. But you can't get an appointment with him unless you have a referral from your pcp, something I don't have because I don't have health insurance. So it's a vicious cycle of crap. I'm almost certain it has something to do with the mirena a different obgyn put in that my body rejected. Because I had to try a lot of different birth controls because of unrelated conditions, and for some reason my mother took me to not my usual obgyn, and he decided that was the best course of action, when it really worsened everything and things have been cataclysmic since then.
fcl replied to katiekay0216's response:
Call your local gyn and explain your situation. They will probably take you if youi're paying out of pocket. There is no reason for a person to go without proper health care - insurance or not.
katiekay0216 replied to fcl's response:
But I'm not paying out of pocket. I can't pay anything
fcl replied to katiekay0216's response:
Call them anyway. They might accept monthly payments. What are your options? Continued bleeding and pain? Consider the cost per month in pads and tampons ...

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