Insides falling out
jo1120 posted:
My insides appear to be falling out. I have a doctor appointment coming up in a few weeks but a little anxious to see if anyone can help me identify what's going on. There's something long and cylindrical that hangs out of me about 1/2 an inch when I'm on my feet. Anything inside my stomach seems to add pressure to push it out. I can push it back up inside but it just slips back down. The good thing is there is absolutely NO pain. But it's uncomfortable and feels weird. Anyone ever heard of this?
fcl responded:
Google "prolapse" ...
jo1120 replied to fcl's response:
Thank you. Sounds like that's my problem. There are multiple websites with information. Only one talked about correcting it by natural means as opposed to surgeries. That's the one I'm trying first.