break through bleeding while on pill (not new to the pill)
newgirl2010 posted:
I am in the second week of active pills (ortho tricyclen-lo) and i have some break through bleeding. I have been on this particular pill for years without a problem. (two years ago I had a planned pregnancy, but went right back on six weeks after delivery). I am in my late 30s, monogamous relationship. I have previously been tested for HPV, STDs (I read that can be the cause)--negative. I do not smoke. I take my pill every day within a two hour window. I am a low weight. I currently do not consume alcohol (but have in the past). I drink lots of herbal tea (but nothing with st. johns wart). I am not on any prescription medication that is known to interact with the pill. I am not on any new medication. my withdrawal bleed was normal and on time last month. any ideas? a reason to see my gyno?
newgirl2010 responded:
oh, and i recently had routine blood work done (including thyroid) all normal. my LDL cholesterol was a bit high--which is strange--considering i eat very limited amounts of saturated fat.
atti_editor responded:
Hi newgirl2010,

As this article says, abnormal vaginal bleeding has many possible causes and by itself usually does not indicate a serious condition. The above link has more information on possible causes and suggests instances of abnormal bleeding be brought to the attention of your doctor.

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