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embolization concerns
An_257072 posted:
,I had bilateral ovarian vein embolization at the end of march . The Interventional radiologist used over 25 platinum coils during the procedure, a few days after the procedure I developed a tubular knot in my lower right pelvic area , the IR told me over the phone hes 99 % sure it is not from the procedure . It has been a very painful recovery. I had to take three weeks off from work instead of one as originally thought . The pain actually got worse the second week with almost unbearable pressure and cramping for four nights with no sleep and no relief . After three weeks still in a lot of pain I went back to work , it has been hell , I am still having pain and swelling / tenderness on both sides of my pelvic area especially after working on my feet all day, sharp and crampy pains, also major breast tenderness .I called the IR office to let him know how I was feeling and was told to follow up with my primary , my pcp thinks the lump maybe a muscle knot ? However sense I have seen her it has gotten worse the whole area feels hard inside, she is referring me to a general surgeon .But they cant see me for 2 weeks .Has anyone had this happen ? should the IR be following up with me? should I seek emergent care ? was also wondering if that is a normal amount of coils to be used .I also was wondering about the cost ,the eob I got from my insurance said the hospital charged 66,000 dollars total, I was flabbergasted , I know the procedure took a lot longer than they thought it would and they used more coils than normal... anyone have any ideas or experience regarding this ?
Anon_6061 responded:
You are still in the early recovery stages so hopefully, the pain will gradually lessen and then subside altogether. However, since devices (coils) were used, your body could be attempting to reject them. The coils can also migrate. At least that has happened in some cases of the Essure coils used for tubal sterilization. There have been quite a few FDA adverse events filed on Essure. Here is one article about that - . It would seem that these coils could also migrate.

It is concerning that your surgeon / interventional radiologist is wanting to drop you already and claiming it is not from the procedure. Something obviously isn't right and I doubt it is a coincidence. My surgeon also "wiped his hands" of me after needlessly removing my sex organs / doing a hysterectomy and ovary removal. I have felt betrayed and disillusioned by the medical community ever since.

Let us know what you find out and how this progresses. Hope this pain ends up being just a longer recovery than expected and not a long-term consequence.

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