Early pregnancy/SIBO
nic14120 posted:

I posted back in Dec when I was around 5 weeks due to my concerns with SIBO and my pregnancy. Sadly that preg never developed passed 5 weeks and I had a D&C at 9 Weeks Following this I was diagnosed by my GI for SIBO- due to excessive belching and upper left discomfort. I took a 2 week course of Xifamin. Sadly, I still experience belching and on and off discomfort. I asked the GI if SIBO could affect the preg and he feels it should not at all.
I am elated to be pregnant again, roughly 5 weeks. I can't help but feel so scared after my recent experience. I am curious if the excessive belching could hinder development on the baby? Is it possible for those with SIBO to carry a healthy developed fetus?
I did have my B-12 and Folic acid levels checked in Feb (pre antibiotics) and they were normal. I am assuming they would still be post antibiotics. My Vit D is 29, so I am supplementing. My TSH is 3.04 so my meds were just increased, and my endo said my Total T3 is low, but he doesn't use that as a gauge (he really didn't answer me about that).
I would like to do everything right to make this one a success for me. I can't help but to feel scared. I am feel super bloated in my lower AND upper abdomen. Is that common with preg, or could it be the SIBo, or a combo of both? Any reassurance would be greatly appreciated!! THank you
Anon_6061 responded:
I am sorry to hear about your miscarriage but glad you were able to get pregnant again.

I'm not sure if/how SIBO affects pregnancy and chances of miscarriage but thyroid dysfunction can definitely affect reproductive health - fertility, maintaining pregnancy, and carrying to term. This article discuses this - http://www.nytimes.com/ref/health/healthguide/esn-hypothyroidism-expert.html?pagewanted=all.
georgiagail responded:
Listen to what your physician has told you. Your SIBO will have no effect on the development of your fetus. Unfortunately, bloating is not unusual, even early on in a pregnancy. Hormonal changes associated with the pregnancy can cause issues such as bloating and heartburn even early on.

nic14120 replied to georgiagail's response:
I am trying very hard not to stress or worry this time around. It was my GI who told me it "shouldn't" affect a pregnancy. I don't see my OB for another 3 weeks, so I know this is the critical part and worry since the last preg didn't develop beyond 5 weeks.
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I have SIBO & I am at 7 weeks. How did you do? Any tips? Have def noticed SIBO is worse and am wondering if I can use oregano oil.
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i know this is an old post but just wondering how your pregnancies were? I have been tested positive for SIBO and had two miscarriages within 4 months and am trying to find if there is a connection between miscarriages and SIBO?