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recently started Gildess fe 1/20 -- how long until full effectivity and plan B
space_dancer posted:
My GYN gave me a prescription for Gildess fe 1/20 in April. I was waiting until I got my period to start the pill pack, but I skipped a period in May (not unusual, I'm very irregular). On June 1, I started the BC. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex yesterday. My GYN and she said that full effectivity for Gildess fe 1/20 was 7 days (I'm on day 16). Do you think I should take plan B just in case?
fcl responded:
You don't need plan B. You'll be fine.
space_dancer replied to fcl's response:
In theory, I shouldn't be releasing an egg since I've been on BC for over two weeks, right? My concern was that my periods have been so irregular (I haven't actually had a period since April).

I really wanted to wait and start the pack with my period, but it never came, so now I'm concerned about whether I've been on the pill long enough for full effectivity.

I'm tempted to take plan B, but I called and talked to the nurse at the GYN and she said I was fine after 7 days of BC. However, I read online in some communities where people were saying that you needed to be on BC a full month before it was effective. The manufacturer claim is 7 days.
tlkittycat1968 replied to space_dancer's response:
I'd believe the manufacturer. If you started the pill while on your period, you would have been covered right away.
fcl replied to space_dancer's response:
The manufacturer and the health professional agree - doesn't that reassure you? Even when I started taking BC decades ago it was effective after only 2 weeks.

Remember that the manufacturer has a lot to lose and nothing to gain by lying about when their birthcontrol becomes effective. Trust them. Plan B is not necessary and would only mess up your cycle and cause you even more unnecessary stress.

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