Not sure if Endo or something else?
remedythis1 posted:
Hi, I've been having pain on the left side of my pelvic area. It comes on after intercourse and around my menstrual cycle. Sometimes the pain flares up at random though and hurts pretty badly.I've seen many OBGYN and my primary care physician about this and none of them have answers other than it might be endometriosis. I've had regular ultra sound and regular pelvic exams, been put on antibiotics for infection just in case...all results normal.but I'm still in alot of pain. During pelvic exams it was made pretty clear the pain is definitely coming from the area near my left ovary. Already ruled out muscle/leg/ligament issues. The doctors tell me there is nothing they can do accept to put me on birth control or have me take ibuprofen. But I don't want to jump to that without exploring other possibilities first.
atti_editor responded:
Hi remedythis1,

If your pain is a result of endometriosis then mild cases are often treated with a pill form of hormones, like the birth control your doctor suggested, as hormone treatment can reduce the size of tissue growths and the amount of blood produced during menstruation. Here is some more information . More severe cases may require surgery to remove scar tissue. This article has more information on laproscopy to determine endometriosis as well as some at-home treatment you might try to reduce your symptoms.

Here are some other conditions that have symptoms similar to endometriosis that you may want to make sure your doctor has ruled out. Please let us know how you are doing!

Best wishes,
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Thank you
babieboomer responded:
You can always get a second opinion somewhere else. You may have to pay for it yourself if your insurance will not cover it but that is okay. I have done that several times in my lifetime and it has paid off and I was better for it. I have another situation going on right now myself and will probably end up doing that myself. Good Luck!