Left Breast Leaking at age 47 and AFTER having a Total Hysterectomy SEVERAL years ago.
jane_th posted:
I am 47 years old and have had a total hysterectomy.
Why does my Left breast sometimes leak?
atti_editor responded:
Hi jane_th,

Here is some information on nipple discharge. Is the leaking spontaneous, or does it only occur if you press on your nipple? The above link suggests you call your doctor if "you have spontaneous nipple discharge or a discharge from only one nipple (unilateral) or that looks like blood." Please let us know how you are doing.

jane_th replied to atti_editor's response:

Thank you for your info. I will look into this.

It is spontaneous. I believe it is a clear discharge.

I ONLY notice it when my shirt is wet and touches against my LEFT NIPPLE.

I did NOT think it was a BIG deal.

Thank you,