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hydrosalpinx and ovarian cyst
ruthy0374 posted:
had a pelvic ultrasound yesterday because i keep having heavy heavy periods that are irregular and pain in my pelvis and right ovarian side. the gyn tried to do an endometrial biopsy but couldn't because my cervix was tilted or not in the right place and it was closed tightly. so in the report i still have an ovarian cyst that is anechoic and measures about 2cm now and a hydrosalpinx as well on the fallopian tube that had a tubal ligation done on it last year and this hydrosalpinx measures 4.2x1.5x1.2cm and is larger than it was in feb. also, it says that my endometrial stripe measures 10mm and is homogeneous. my uterus measures 12.0x5.0x5.0cm with a volume of 155ml. it says there is mild inhomogeneity of the myometrium. can anyone tell me what this means? my pain had gotten better in march so i thought the hydrosalpinx had resolvoed, but it hasn't. how long do they allow a hydrosalpinx to go before they drain it or remove it? i was thinking i had andomyomosis (sp) but this doesn't say that. thanks for any replies.
ruthy0374 responded:
oh i forgo to mention that i started my period on 10/9 and the ultrasound was done on day 4 of my cycle and afterwards when i went to the bathroom, i passed a large piece of tissue which i guess she knocked loose by pushing on my uterus,.
jojogun responded:
You have a lot on your plate!!!. This subject has become important to me because my daughter has Hydrosalpinx, and she is so young, that's why I was on here researching when I came across your note. Your Dr.'s should explain these big words to you. What I can tell you is Myometrium is a word uterine muscle.The endometrial stripe and your uterus measuring so big could mean you have a tumor. I probably should not say that, I 'm not a dr. but that's read and when I went to inhomogeneity it went straight to endometrial cancer, and talked about the stages. If I am right and I hope I am not, you are in stage one because it was talking about myomentrium and endometrial cancer, which was only in that stage. . Look, I could be all wrong but one thing I know is your condition is serious, don't let your dr.'s drag this out. It needs taking care of yesterday!!! Your uterus, uterus muscles, and all the other parts should not be that big. OMG!!! Get new Dr.'s if you have to but push to get this taken care of . I know that with hydrosalpinx it gets worse the longer you have it, the more lesions that have time to grow. It can be permanently damaged if you wait too long. I wish you the very best, truly. Stay strong.

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