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hair stopped growing?
smedley12 posted:
I'm not sure if this is a gyn issue or not, but I recently noticed the hair on my armpits has started to grow in really sparsely. I normally have very coarse, dark armpit hair and need to shave every day, and all of a sudden it's waaay thinner. On Saturday I was spotting a little bit too, which is why I posted here as maybe this is a hormonal thing? I sometimes have a little bit of brown spotting a week before my period or so, which is normal for me, but this was actual red spotting for about a day. (My period is due this Fri or Sat) I have had the flu for a week, so I wonder if all of this has something to do with my body being out of whack in general from that? Any clue what might be going on?
J_Harrison_Hohner responded:
Dear smedley: Both pubic hair and armpit hair can be linked to changes in male hormone levels. Typically a decrease in male hormones would decrease the amount of pubic/armpit hair. Other causes can include: low adrenal gland function, Addisons Disease, liver damage, and problems with the pituitary gland. I am assuming that you have not lost significant amounts of hair from your head. as there is a long list of causes of hair loss from the head. It is rather unlikely that your armpit hair is related to the past week of flu infection---especially if there are no changes in head hair. I would also doubt it was related to your light spotting during the premenstrual week. If you notice a continued change in your armpit and/or pubic hair growth PLEASE see your GYN for an evaluation. Hopefully this is related to the general slowed hair growth during winter season that some persons experience. Yours, Jane
smedley12 responded:
thank you for your response! When you say to see my gyn if I notice a "continued change", do you mean if I see additional decrease in hair, or just if it stays at its current level (somewhat sparse vs. thick and bristly like it normally is)? Also, do you think I should see a gyn first, or would my primary physician be OK?
hurts2beme responded:
O.K. after reading this post I would like to know something - JANE - I have never mentioned this to my Dr. but after reading this post I am curious? I have never really had but two to three strands of hair under each arm my entire life I am 37 years old my pubic area is and has always been full and fine. Is this normal or am I lacking something?

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