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watery discharge
froggy30210 posted:
Hello everyone,

today after i got a bath something happened to to me that has never happened before. I was brushing my teeth and i coughed alittle and this clear watery discharged started running down my legs. I am not pregnant that i know of. I have some cramping (think it could nerves). can anyone help.

J_Harrison_Hohner responded:
Dear froggy: There are a couple POSSIBILITIES. First, the fluid could have been from the bladder as urine. Coughing is one of the most common triggers for genuine stress incontinence.

Secondly, the fluid could have been from the vagina. It is not common for bath water to accumulate inside the vagina then flow out, but that may have occurred. Here is another list of possible sources of clear discharge from my last post:

"The usual cause of a clear vaginal discharge is an elevated estrogen level prompting increased cervical secretions. Since the most common cause for this is ovulation it is often referred to as "fertile cervical mucus". However, if a woman is having a burst of estrogen for other reasons (eg PCOS, some hormonal medications) similar appearing secretions can be present.

If the discharge is clear, but very watery and profuse, then one would wonder about a primary herpes infection within the vagina. Yet you did not mention the presence of any herpes type lesions on the labia or vaginal opening. Sometimes the presence of abnormal cells inside the lining of the uterus can produce a watery discharge--but usually there is a pink or blood tinged quality. Lastly, sometimes an infection of the cervix (eg chlamydia) can prompt increased mucoid discharge--but often this is yellowish."

For a more "for sure answer" froggy, you will need to see your GYN for an evaluation.

Yours, Jane
queenbee521 responded:
Dear Jane:

Is there a posable that i could be having a miscarriage? My legs are weak. I have some cramping. Now I am spotting it is light pink with a tint of brownish. If I took a home test would it show a postive result or no if i was miscarring. I am going to call my doctor in the morning. I dont think I am pregnant but there is always a chance. just trying get through the night.

thanks froggy
An_254861 responded:
Could be vaginal entrapment of bath water. I had this issue a lot and constantly wore panty liners. I thought it was because my uterus was tilted. I've since had a hysterectomy and I still have this happen after taking longer baths...not only when I first get out of the tub but also throughout the morning.

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