Low Uterus? What is that?
LadyEinVA posted:
Hi. I had a check up with my ob/gyn yesterday, and I was told that I have a low uterus. I have had two c-sections and I am trying to conceive again. What can cause a low uterus? Am I in danger? Will I be able to still conceive? Any help would be great. Thanks!!
J_Harrison_Hohner responded:
Dear LadyEinVA: A "low uterus" is not an actual diagnostic term. Normally the top of the non-pregnant uterus is about the level of the pubic hair line. Sometimes the uterus will sit higher or lower in the pelvis than the hair line--this is not a problem for conception. Perhaps the GYN meant that you had a mild degree of uterine prolapse. This is where the supports of the uterus are relaxed and so the uterus and cervix are "hanging down" slightly lower into the vaginal canal. This is also not a problem for conception. Your best bet is to get clarification from your OB/GYN as to what was implied by "low uterus". It may be the neither of my GUESSES are the actual condition. Hopefully it is not something that has any impact on fertility. Yours, Jane