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It seems as if my cervix is swollen
gravityisworkinagainstme posted:
I can feel it inside my vagina within a fingers distance, and it didn't used to be like that. It seems to be protruding. Im worried because my mom had cervical cancer and Im not sure if i do. Is this something I should worry about?
J_Harrison_Hohner responded:
Dear gravity: Your screen name may have some connection with the change in cervical position! The most likely explanation for feeling like your cervix is suddenly closer to the vaginal opening would be uterine prolapse (also known as pelvic relaxation). While a widespread cervical cancer can produce an enlarged, barrel shaped cervix, this is VERY uncommon among women who get regular PAP smears as cervical cancer is relatively slow growing. By contrast, the descent of the uterus (remember the cervix is the bottom part of the uterus that sticks out into the vaginal canal) is very common. You are correct in that age, and gravity, are two of the causes. For an excellent overview of prolapse check this site: Another common POSSIBILITY would be that you are actually feeling a cystocele (relaxation of the bladder along the "roof" of the vagina. If you use a mirror, and then bear down, a cystocele can often be seen appearing at the vaginal opening. It would look like a bulge coming out of the opening. Bottom line, please go see your GYN or local family planning clinic. They can give you the most accurate diagnosis. Both prolapse and cystocele can be treated effectively. Yours, Jane

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