strong vaginal odor before period
th520 posted:
I have had this reoccuring problem for as long as I can remember, and would like to know what I can do to treat it. Every month about 1 week before my period I have a very strong vaginal odor. It leaves as soon as I start my period, and returns again the next month. I drink lots of water and have recently started eating yogurt regularly. It is interferring with my sex life and would like to know how to control it. My husband and I are very sexually active, and this problem is getting to be a real issue for me. Any advice?
Georgiagail responded:
Unless this represents an infection (and it is unlikely since you would have symptoms all the time), this is likely nothing more than the normal increase in discharge many women have before they begin their period. As such, there is nothing to "treat" except routine hygiene. Gail