Low cervix during ovulation
Eni_Sjolin posted:
Hi, I have been diagnosed with a retroverted uterus. I have one child (Cecarian birth) and I am now trying to conceive again and have then charted my BBT and CM for some time already. It has been easy to spot when i ovulate with a clear spike in my BBT and my CM changing to be stretchier a few days before the BBT spike. It matches well with ovarian pain at the same time. I have also tried to chart the location and changes of my Cervix but i am getting confusing results every month. To make it simple - normally the cervical position should be lower most of the time of the cycle to rise higher up in the vagina close to ovulation - correct? My cervix is normally located high up before and after ovulation. The cervix is then firm and closed. When I?m close to ovulation then is drops down, get soft and opens up slightly. Can this be because i have this retroverted uterus? Can it be so that my uterus is like 'upside down' and that's why my cervical position also changing ?the wrong way?? It is small changes but clearly noticable now after following this for some time already. Is there any 'better' position to conceive with a retroverted uterus? Me and my husband has tried now for the past 4 years and I have done my charting well the past 6 months. Grateful for answer Eni