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Is squirting safe?
samanthalynn21 posted:
I am 21 years old and i just found out that during masterbating that I squit if that is the proper term. It is during my orgasm and before and the whole time basically. I have never done this before not even during sex . I was wondering is it safe, I know many girls dont do this. But I just found out that I do and know nothing about it. Is it safe, why do I do it . And can u get dehydrated from it back pains etc. I just need to know more about it.
ShanellRobo responded:
Most people that are knowledgeable about female ejaculation believe that its fluid released by the paraurethral ductsduring and orgasm, which comes out of the urethra. Yes it's safe. No you can't become dehydrated from FE.
AmandaS81 responded:
I also have this ability, and have heard a few things about it. Not many women have this ability. And just because it might happen to us when we masturbate, it can also happen from help from a man. Just because one certain technique caused it, that doesn't mean that it will happen the same way every time. I know that I have no control of when it happens for me. And when I do, it doesn't really mean that it was any more intense of an orgasm then any other. The amounts of fluid ejaculated depends on the woman's body, and how hydrated we are in the first place. I would think that means that you can not become dehydrated from this. If you were dehydrated, your body would simply only be able to produce a small amount. So as long as you drink normal amounts of fluid before, and after, there should be nothing to worry about. As for the back pain, I am not sure about that. One other bit of advice I have read is that if you are worried about the mess, simply put a garbage bag cut down both sides, and unfolded to make a long sheet of plastic, and tuck that under your sheets, and that will protect your mattress from the fluids, and just wash your sheets regularly. I know the first time this happened to me, I thought I urinated on myself, and down my leg. But I have since learned that it's an ability not many are able to do, and that makes me feel better about it, and not embarassed when it happens with my husband. Hope this helps you.
samanthalynn21 responded:
Thank you . Yea I cant control it now, but like whenever it first happened I thought I urinated on myself then my friend told me it was called squirting, and now I cant not squirt. My body is so used to it now. I have tried not squirting just to see if I can but I still do, just not as bad as other times. But like the other night my boyfriend and I was having phone sex, this is how I masterbate myself. We are trying to wait till marriage we want to do it right this time, so we have phone sex, it works for us. But like that particular night I ejaculated more then usual, and i blacked out a little bit and my ears were ringing and i felt to weak to move, and then that night my lower back hurt really badly and that morning it did as well. It finally stopped when I went into my daily routin, that is why I was asking could it cause some side effects. I know that the extremness of sex or masterbation can cause you to get light headed black ouit a lil bit and ears rigning due to your blood pressure getting high , but the back pains were a first. So that was what had worried me and well my boyfriend as well.
80s_BABY responded:
I have also discovered I have the ability to squirt. I talked to my GYN about it and she said it is perfectly normal and that some women can do it and some can't. I have never been dehydrated from it but I have had some occasional back pains but she said its the combination of the sudden hormonal change and the blood pressure increase. I dont know if that maybe the cause of your back pain but if you are really concerned see you GYN and express to her or him all your fears and concerns. Good Luck and ENJOY YOUR NEW FOUND "TALENT"
samanthalynn21 responded:
thank you ! I will and my soon to be husband cant wait till our honey moon night! lol. But that does help alot thank you very much !
joannabananas responded:
As a "squirter", I can tell you first hand...yes, you can become dehydrated if you do not drink plenty of water. Though you would have to have been releasing multiple times or large amounts of secretion in a matter of days (2-3 days). I personally never experienced back pains but felt very renewed after. I believe, every woman can, if they dare delve into their sexuality, secrete during orgasms.

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