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Belly Button redness and discharge
Artistpatty posted:
:neutral: I noticed a little redness inside of my belly button earlier and was wondering what it might be. It had a funny smell to it. I was wondering also if the reason my urinary tract being sore when I pee has something to do with it also. These things just started to happen today . I was told by my Gyno that I am just starting to go threw the change. I am 40 now. My mother went threw it early do to being on the pill she was told. I have never had a breast mammogram done. My Gyno was suppose to set me up with one but hasn't yet. Breast cancer runs in my fathers side of the family. But the reason for my visit in the forum today is the redness of my belly button . My Aunt did the same thing when she found out that she has ovarian cancer. But she has a large amount of yellow and green slimy stuff coming out . I don't even have slim just a wetness and it smells a tiny bit.I just got over mid back pains that I thought were from a vertebrate being out. My husband fix it and I am better. But the belly button is now concerning me. Please if you know anything or have had the same thing happening and know what it might be please let me know. Thanks. If you need to know anything else then don't hesitate to ask me. :wink: Thank you again
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear Artispatty, The symptoms of redness, odd smell, and pain upon urination need to be addressed immediately. I would strongly urge you to consider seeing a different doctor ASAP. Any doctor that brushes over those symptoms as "Going through the Change," and fails to give someone a mammogram who has breast cancer in the family is not acting in your best interests. Did your doctor even test your hormone levels to see if you really are in menopause? Forty is rather young. I have zero breast cancer history in my family, and my doctor insisted on a baseline mammogram at 35, and then yearly starting at age forty. You deserve a doctor who listens to you and takes your concerns seriously. Let us know how you're doing once you get seen, Byroney

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