Lactation after Hysterectomy
Jade318 posted:
I am a 39 yr old mother of 3 sons. My youngest being 11...I had a hysterectomy in Jan 05 my left ovary was left. I started lactating mildly last month. I went to the doctor.. She never did nor said anything about it. It went away....I have no clue what causes it.. ON my left breast I noticed a dark discharge out of one duct. It kind of looked light brown. The rest on the right and left breast favored cholostrium. Tonight I noticed it again on the left breast it was a darker brown color out of the same duct and white out of another duct yet cholostrium out of the rest.. Other symptoms I have had are headaches mild yet on the side of my head and the back. I have had periods of vertigo and lightheadness only lasting a minute or two.. I have had numbness in my hands and feet at times.. Sometimes worse than others.. I had labs done and have copies here of everything. My Parathyroid right side is enlarged yet my thyroid test show nothing abnormal.. So I have no clue what to do I just know I am tired of lactating and feeling like blah.. I have days where i do nothing but sleep.. I have some nights where i cant sleep at all. then there are those nights i sleep 3 hours tops.. I have a great deal of nausea and some vomiting.. Anyone out there have any ideas what could be going on which way to go.. I have been to 4 doctors and no one even bothers to listen or address the issues.. or symptoms.. Please please help
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
You definitely need to continue to see doctors about this discharge and other symptoms. Have you been to an endocrinologist?

Here is some information on Nipple Discharge and what it may mean. I hope it helps.
sjb05151956 responded:
Some of your symptoms (insomnia, vertigo, nausea, blah feelings) sound like those associated with low levels of estrogen. You could be one of the 35-40% of women whose ovaries fail within a few years of a hyst. Removal of the uterus can also damage nerves causing numbness, tingling or pain in other parts of the body. A deficiency of vitamin B12 can also cause numbness or tingling in hands and feet.

The following excerpt from the link that WebMD's Louise provided may explain the cause of the discharge especially if you're approaching menopause:

"Mammary duct ectasia. This is the second most common cause of abnormal nipple discharge. It is typically seen in women who are approaching menopause. This condition results in inflammation and possible blockage of ducts located underneath the nipple. When this occurs, an infection may develop that results in thick, greenish nipple discharge."

Good luck finding the reason and getting it resolved along with the other issues.
Nikkiiee responded:
After you said headaches I wanted to cry; I have had a hysto two years ago maybe going on three; and I have had this issue to, milk; after babies I have three oldest is 16 and I had milk inbetween but just chalked it up to it was my F uped hormones; so I ignored it mostly, now after hysto I am engorged today went and had prolactin checked won't know about it til tomorrow; and my thyroid has always been NORMAL? What the hell is normal, I think my whole 39 years of hell , being bitchy; crabby; ect. was and is hormornes i have my left one left too................I had PPD bad with oldest; the second a little and the last 5 yr old NONE, I get dizzy; vertigo and lightheadness; and I get teh numbness in legs and arms especially my right breast has more milk now today and yesterday in it and my left is more painlike, honestly i made my husband suck on them and tell me if he was gettin anything out and if it tasted like breast milk tastes he said yeah and it was sweet??????I am not sleeping; at all I hope this helps just knowing your not the only one; I hate the rageing bit$% I have become and I am not a big girl; like 5'1 and 115 lbs so who knows I will let you know tomorrow what results are. My kids are Girl; Boy; Girl; and inbetween first girl and boy i had been pregnant with twins; one in tube and one in uterus and that one miscarried and the second my Dr had to get to a golf game so did DNC/ left me and I flew out to Calif. and the atopic ruptured i was very spetic/ on 9/11/01 how crazy is that I had a fever of 105 and could not be operated on til the 12th and then i got pregnant again and it was etopic or if you want to call it that, the baby attached to the nub left on my uterus after I lost the tube; in calif and was alive, heart beat strong 158bpm she had to kill it and then I was told the damage to my body and other tube and ovary was to the extent of never having a baby so I quit all BC and boom came my son and then my last a girl; all c sections