Ever hear of Hershism/Hirshim?
kjane82 posted:
Hey everyone!. Im new to the boards. Ive never really thought Id be writing on this. But Okay. So, for the last 10yrs (im 27 now) Ive always had hair on my chin and around my nipples. Never really thought anything of it. I thought it was hearitage or something ... til recently I saw a brief study tv about it and found out its more then a abnormal hormone... Which could lead into other .. much scarier things. The Problem is ... I cant find ANYTHING on this online ... I freaking out, i want to see a doctor but i want a heads up before i go charging to a doctor blind ...

Anyone know anything about this or where I can go ???

The sysmtoms include, heavy facial hair, and around teh nipples.. it can also include a muscluar upper body, balding ... All i know is it means, i have too much testosterone ..

Any help would be welcome .. Thank You! hope to hear from you all!!
kjane82 responded:
OKay I spelled it wrong its Hirsutism ... which is scarier www.mayoclinic.com/health/hirsutism/DS00858

Does anyone know anything about this ??? or KNow anyone who has this?