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Breast Ultrasound help!
NoLongerAChild posted:
I'm an almost 24 year old female and I just went to my doctor for a physical. After a breast exam, she told me that my right and left breast feel different and that I should get an ultrasound to make sure. (I don't think this has anything to do with anything, but I'm super flat chested - like AA cup status, so it's never been something I've thought about). I have no family history of breast cancer, so it's just never been on my mind. Now I'm just too plain scared to go. I know sounds stupid. Also I was wondering how much a breast ultrasound would cost!? I do have insurance, but being my age, I'm still penny pinching and paying for school. (Oh and I live in Southern California, Los Angeles area!) Thanks so much in advance.
40Something1960 responded:
well since you have insurance it probably won't cost you anything. the price can be anywhere from 100 to 500 dollars depending on who's doing it and where you go. it would be covered by most insu. being a double A cup is not protection against breast cancer. even men can get breast cancer. you need to keep your appointment. however, at your age what you probably have is a small cyst.
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
It is perfectly appropriate for you to call the radiology clinic and ask how much your co-pay/co-insurance will be for this procedure. Don't be shy about calling and asking them. They can look it up. It will really depend on your insurance, how much you have spent this year on health care, where you live, and the type of breast ultrasound the doctor has requested.
NoLongerAChild responded:
Thanks for the advice! So I called to find out how much it cost, and I also called my insurance company to find out if I am covered at all and if I am how much of it is covered...(I got the most incompetant person who did NOT know what she was talking about...I'm calling back to speak to another rep tomorrow). ONE breast ultrasound costs about $500 :eek: . It's supposedly $400 something for the ultrasound PLUS an additional $100 something for someone to read it :eyeroll: If the lady who I was speaking to at my insurance company was right, I'm covered 50-60% meaning I pay about half, which I guess isn't as bad as the WHOLE. However, for someone my age (plus I have a traffic ticket to pay :eyeroll: ) it is NOT cheap. Ugh, is this really necessary? Maybe I should go see a Gyn and see what they say (my PCP was the one that referred me to get an ultrasound...) I now totally understand why people don't practice preventative health at my's EXPENSIVE! We fresh out of college kids can't keep up with this! :angry: :frown:
40Something1960 responded:
yes you absolutely need to get this checked out. chances are it will be nothing to worry about, but if it does turn out to be something serious, this early detection is what will save your life.
lovehope responded:
too too expensive. medical expense is always too expensive in US. some countries in this world, less than $9 is the full cost for both sides. :crying:

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