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Can Plan B Cause Ectopic Pregnancy?
morganthegreat posted:
My girlfriend recently used the morning after pill, or rather the series of pills, given to us by our local Planned Parenthood. She was to told to expect "spotting" and little else. A few days later she told me she was pretty much having another period. I was concerned at this point, but not alarmed. Four days in or so, I became very worried. She was starting to feel faint at work, potentially because of lack of iron and blood loss. We called Planned Parenthood, who said that such side effects were uncommon, but not unheard of. My girlfriend recently spoke with a friend of hers that mentioned she had taken Plan B with similar problems. She related that she now has 2-3 periods a cycle! I was wondering if these syptoms could be related to Ectopic Pregnancy, as they seem similar, and if Plan B is a known cause. Can anyone help?
GigiSage responded:
Ok here is a list of side effects for Plan B: Now to answer your questions. Ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilized egg tries to implant in the fallopian tubes. From what I understand about Plan B it does not cause an ectopic but makes the uterus an unfriendly place for the fertilized egg which then tries to implant in the fallopian tube. You friend's friend can not have several periods per cycle. One cycle is Day 1 of your period to the day before your next period starts. She could have had shorter cycles that fit into one of her regular ones, or she could have had break through bleeding (or on the list it is put as bleeding not related to her period). If your friend is bleeding heavily for several days and starting to feel ill, she needs to get herself checked out as soon as possible. She could have had a rare side effect to the pill. It is important that she seeks medical care right away if she is still having these symptoms. Good luck and I hope she ends up being ok.

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