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18-day long Period !
MrsOwens89 posted:
Hi, I don?t want to make this too long, but there are some things that I feel should be said in order for anyone to help. First off, I started my Period at age 12, and as far back as I can remember they have always been irregular, they would last 3 weeks at a time, and be off for 1 week, then come back the next month and do the same thing? at the age of 14 my mother put me on birth control in order to regulate my period, and I took them religiously for 5 years. At the agro f 18 I began missing pills and soon afterwards I stopped taking them all together. I?ve been off them completely for about 4-5 months. I got my period for last month on the 17 and its still on today. I went to the doctor and they didn?t do much for me, so now I?m in the process of finding another doctor? I called my sister after my doctor?s visit and found out that I have a family history of Fibroids and POC (Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome) both of which, if not treated, can cause infertility. I?m not looking to get pregnant any time soon, at the moment I?m just looking for peace of mind, because I do want to become pregnant one day? I?ve been on my period for the past 18 days, bleeding for more than half a month cannot be healthy. Has this happened to anyone else ? Please Help.
GigiSage responded:
Find a new doctor immediately! If you have to physically walk into as many offices as possible, tell them what is going on and hopefully someone will accept you immediately. Otherwise you might have to go to your regular doctor or go to a walk in clinic of some sort. Ok the thing with PCOS is that you still ovulate, but not regularly and often do not get a period afterwards. I have PCOS and we did turn to fertility treatments (mostly because my insurance covered it) while a friend of mine has it as well and has not used treatments mostly because she feels that they are not really trying as much as just letting things happen since she is working full time and working on her masters. She said if she isn't pregnant by the time she greaduates in two years then they will turn to fertility treatments. Fibroids are different and I have no first hand knowledge of them. Although you can use the search feature on WebMD and I am sure there is a good article about it on the site.
StaceyLee1980 responded:
I can completly understand where you're coming from in regards to bleeding for so long. About five years ago my period started lasting longer and longer every month. I topped out at about 19 days. I went to my ob (who was AMAZING!) and had an ultrasound to make sure things looked right internally. I ended up going on Seasonale. It regulated me, definitely. But he had other ideas in case that didn't work also. I would definitely agree that seeing a different dr immediately would be the best course of action. I know how hard it can be to bleed that long. I used to get so grumpy and exhausted. Try and keep your head (and spirits) up till you get in to a new Dr. GOOD LUCK!
MrsOwens89 responded:
Thanks for the help, today makes day 20 that my period has been on... and the thing with me finding a new doctor is that i've been told that i cant ! I'm in the military, and i believe that the only thing my insurance covers is the clinic here on base or any other "military" installation doctors. I went to the ER at an Army post 2 days ago and they took a urine sample, and did some blood work. both of which came back negative. so now i'm in the process of trying to get a untrasound to see if they can find anything. I hate to say it, but I want to go to a different doctor because i really believe that the doctors here dont care. the second doctor did alot more for me that the first one did though. Infertility is my main concern next to me bleeding so long, and honestly i dont know where to turn to next.
MrsOwens89 responded:
Thank you for your reply. I would get back on the pill, but im afraid that that will only solve one problem... me bleeding for the rest of my life, but if there is really something wrong with me, i dont just want a band-aid on it, i would like it to be fixed, treated, something. I want answers. My fear is this: i will get back on the pill, and not be able to get pregnant because my body has gotten use to not ovulating. It may sound silly, but im terrified. and my question is this: if i get back on the pill, and start considering trying to concieve will it be as simple as me not taking the pill anymore. Or will my period start doing this crazy mess all over again. Thank you for your help.
FCL responded:
Insist on that ultrasound. Both PCOS and fibroids can be detected that way. Bleeding for 18 days is not normal. Use persuasive words with your doctor like "negligence" and see if they don't react a bit faster (lol). I have fibroids (bleeding 3 weeks out of 4, excruciating pain, etc.) and want to reassure you that if it's that, they only cause infertility in a small number of situations. I was given a hormonal treatment that shrunk my fibroids back so well that I've never had trouble with them since (and it's now 15 years and a pregnancy later). I had to stop the treatment because it gave me wild mood swings and that's when I got pregnant ... by accident ... while using condoms AND spermicide. Think this over ... an unplanned pregnancy at 42 with 2 methods of contraception and fibroids and a history of over 20 years of regular pill taking ... Suddenly fibroids don't seem so awful, eh? Go back and see the doc, demand an ultrasound and also that you be tested for anemia. THEN ask for a referral to a gyn. Also, try not to stress about this, it doesn't help the situation and will only upset you more (easier said than done, I know). Best wishes

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