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blister near anus?
abmrrrr posted:
I don't know if this is a dermatology issue or an obgyn issue... I'm pretty embarassed about it, but I have a dime-size blister on my rear right on the crack. It is painful and full of liquid. I have put on a few pounds since the last time I bought panties, so I am assuming they are rubbing and thats what caused it, but I don't know for sure. My question is, is there a way to heal this? Do I need to have it removed or can I treat it myself? Is it safe to pop? Will it heal on its own? What can I put on it to make it less painful? I put diaper rash cream around it, but I'm afraid to put it on top of it just in case that isn't something I should do.
scottwebbstephwebb responded:
u need to see your gyn asap theres only 2 things that cause that :ooh: not good hun
abmrrrr responded:
I thought I'd add that i know about 99.99% that it is not an STD. My partner and I have both been tested and we use condoms as birth control anyway.
_Paula responded:
If it is indeed just a blister from rubbing panties then it should heal, just wash the area a couple times a day to keep it clean....Don't pop it, that is a risk for infection.....There is the chance it is a herpes lesion...these look like blisters. Herpes can be dormant for years without causing an outbreak, if it gets worse, spreads or doesn't heal I would see my doc ASAP. Best of luck.
ttcourlilmiracle responded:
it could be a peri-anal cyst. i had one of these and it sounds just like what you are describing. better just to call your dr and get it checked out.
dbl1barbie responded:
Hi. I hope I'm wrong but in case I'm not. Do not pop it. It cld be herpies. If you pop it the liquid in it can make it spread and you won't be able to have a test don't to see if it is or isn't. They wil actualy pop it when they test for it. Tst can only be done threw the blister. And you still can get a false result and only a confermation when it reacures
dbl1barbie responded:
Condoms don't always pertect against herpies depending on where other person is infected. There are not tests to show if someone has it and many can be carriers and never have a blister. Also unless he uses a barrier during oral if he has it in his month on his lips, coldsores, you can get in during oral sex

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