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Bladder/ hernia
sidechick posted:
I went to the Dr Friday. I not sure which way it was mint but each I have a hernia on my bladder or a bladder herniation, or does it mean the same thing. I still don't know anymore than when I went to the dr. Here are a few of the symptoms: very little leak, pain, pressure, the from wall or my vagina is being pushed down sometimes almost outside. The pain / pressure is getting worse It almost feels like the late stage of a pregancy. What does ALL this mean? What does bladder herniation mean? If I have to have surgery what will that mean? I feel like I'm still in the dark. Please help me out.
J_Harrison_Hohner responded:
Dear sidechick: It is not clear to me from the bladder herniation which exact condition you have. It is possible to have part of the bladder be involved with a hernia (loop of bowel or bladder escapes out the abdominal wall or through another opening such as the inguinal canal. Here is the best link I could find which describes this condition: It is also possible that you have a type of cystocele. Cystoceles are very common in women and will look like a bulge at the opening of the vagina. The "roof" (anterior wall) of the vagina becomes relaxed thus allowing the bladder to "pouch out" into the vaginal canal. A cystocele is often linked to urinary incontinence. Here is a good overview of this: The treatment for both conditions is surgery. I would urge you to get clarification from your GYN. You are asking the right questions, but you need to know your exact diagnosis. Yours, Jane

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