Questions regarding my Period???
homerdallas posted:
I have a huge concern right now regaring my period and the whole deal with Perimenopause symptoms. I am 46 years old. I have been expreriencing what i was sure was the beginning stages of menopsause wih irregular periods, loss of concentration, hot flashes. Since I had my last period, ( three weeks ago). I have been spotting blood (for about a few days now). Its not a huge amount or anything. My daughter is a nurse and she says it is not abnormal. I am however worried hopefully unecessarily. At this age I should know things about this but i really dont know much at all about symptoms of menopause. I have an appointment with the Dr. in a couple of days. I have had regular testing and have been fine in the past. I hope you can give me some direction as to what to expect or what actually is normal.Is there something you can take from the Dr. to help with this problem? ot is it a larger issue Im dealing with??
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