Two periods in one month?
j_n_s posted:
Starting July 2010 I got my "normal" period the beginning of the week, and then the last week in July I got my period again. Then the first week in August I got my normal period, and once again the last week in August I got a period again? And now in September I am almost 2 weeks late...? I am not taking birth control, and I can't because I have issues with my liver, I have had unprotected sex. I have "ALWAYS" had normal on time periods since I can remember. I have read I might be pregnant, could this be the case? I have two kids now and my period never did this when I got pregnant with them, it was light one month and then was absent the next so I knew I was pregnant then, but now I am so CONFUSED, and I don't know what to do or think...
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georgiagail responded:
If you think you might be pregnant, have you considered taking a pregnancy test?

j_n_s replied to georgiagail's response:
No I haven't because the thought never crossed my mind that getting two periods in one month would mean I was pregnant, until I read on the internet that quite a few people who find out they are pregnant have 2 periods, two months in a row and then it's absent, just like mine...I was hoping someone with the similar experience could give me advice or something, but oh well...thanks anyway, i'll probably go buy a test and check it out...
angie_101 replied to j_n_s's response:
Have you taken the pregnancy test yet..I'm experience the exact same thing. my period usually comes on every 28/30 days after the start of the period. I had a normal period in July on the 26 and then spotted August 9th then had a normal period on Sept 1st and another normal one on the 15th now its the 28th and im bleeding agian..This is really bothering me..I have been sexually active and i know my body pretty well. I'm the type that always chat my periods, I know when i ovalute and everything..i been reading that i might have an infection or something. My urine is also an color and odor. I will call and make an apt. tomorrow morning, because im freaking out like crazy. Ill keep you posted when i get back from the doctor..