Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
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I thought this might help!! NOTICE the third item in the list!!

Chlamydia and gonorrhea are the two bacteria that cause most cases of PID.However, bacteria may also enter the body during some surgical or office procedures, such as:
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I also think that D&C's can cause PID and that severe endometriosis, at least back in the later half of the 1970's was often mistaken for PID. I used to have very irregular periods even on the pill all my life. I sometimes used to hemorrhage so badly I'd have to wear two large tampons and a pad. I think a hospitalization I had with PID was from wearing tampons for three straight months due to having had a non-stop period. I should have had a hysterectomy in my 20's to stop all the suffering then and all the suffering I went through till I was 39 years old and had gotten adenomyosis, which is when the endometriosis has started growing outside the uterus and attaches to other organs and can form large veins with huge clots in them. My condition my considered life threatening after a LAP surgery was done to see what was wrong and less than 6 weeks later I had the surgery, which was life changing and something I wished they had done in my 20's to spare me all the pain I'd been through for so long. It took a new Ob/Gyn to find how bad my problem was and he was astounded that it hadn't been done in my 20's. It was so bad in my 20's that I started menopause when I was only 24 years old, yet the Ob/Gyns I went to refused to do a hysterectomy, even though they said I couldn't have children, because maybe, if I got married soon I might possibly, miraculously have a child. I didn't find Mr. Right till I was 29 and married at 30, long past having a child was any stretch of the imagination, yet they still wouldn't do the hysterectomy. Thank God we moved and I got a new Ob/Gyn or I might not be typing this today.