"Help I've been bleeding for 2 months" reply
Peacehappinesslove posted:
I'm new to this whole community/blog thing --but get to your ob/gyn if
only for your on peace of mind. Also, the toll that much bleeding is
taking on your body isn't good--you must be anemic. My older sister
and I had similar problems and went on to have kids so it's probably
not affecting your fertility; but I don't have any medical training. Just
know what my sister and I went through. Hate to tell you this; but in
about 25 yrs. when you go start perimenopause it's like being a teenager again--sudden moodswings, periods that show up or don't;
are heavy or light. But then it all ends and if your lucky like me you
don't have hotflashes. Get yourself to your ob/gyn , we have to take
control of our bodies not leave it to a GP.
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