dksdks posted:
several years ago I had this same problem...intense itching in the vaginal area, but no discharge or odor. I saw several doctors who said i did not have a yeast infection, and they had no suggestions. I finally found a dr who said I probably had a yeast problem on the outer vaginal area, and recommended that I use Desenex, a spray powder that is typically used for athletes foot, and it WORKED! He warned me that the first time or two I sprayed it on that it would really burn, and it did, a lot! But by the next day the itching was almost gone and in a few days completely gone. It was so wonderful to get rid of that awful itching! Now whenever I start to feel a little itching I spray it on once or twice for one day, and that gets rid of it. Try it! Hope it works for you and that you feel better soon!
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