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What worked for me
An_247888 posted:
Hi All,

I figured I would share all the tips I have gained over the years that have minimized my stage 4 endo. I've had four surgeries over 8 years. Horrible luperon shots monthly. After the last surgery I changed my lifestyle and the reduction in pain is amazing. I used to be bed ridden now I feel like a 20 year old. It took me about a year before I felt results but just stick to it.

1.) Getting rid of all gluten from my diet. It cleared up all my skin and moodswings. I also try to limit starches and sugar (ie rice and potatoes) and go organic as much as possible. Also tons of fiber to assist in my system. It cleared up all the inflammation.

2.) Taking Metformin, while it is prescribed for PCOS, I take it for endo. At first I was nauseous and hung close to the bathroom but it works! I take 1000mg for 120lbs.

3.) When I do have flares (once every two months) I use a tens unit, instead of pain killers. The bonus is it strengthens your core and no constipation! So I have a flat tummy on top of it.

4.) Birth Control is Progesterone only Pill.

I know these sound like very drastic changes in lifestyle but I was close to being on disability for the rest of my life. Now I have a regular life and I haven't had a need for surgery in 5 years. My mood swings are controllable. I go to work and rarely take sick days. I'm not saying it will completely get rid of the pain but it got rid of 90 per cent of my pain. I used to weigh 175 lbs and needed to sleep all the time. Now I weigh 120 lbs and sleep normally. Hope my story helps!
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Anon_6061 responded:
Interesting. Thanks for sharing! I've heard of going gluten free and limiting starches and sugars. But I'd never heard of using Metformin for endo. There are some studies in PubMed showing some benefit of Metformin for endo, one showing it's just as effective as letrozole (Femara).

I'm curious if the diet changes and addition of Metformin were done at the same time or separately. If done at the same time, it would be hard to know how much symptom improvement is attributable to diet versus the Metformin. But nonetheless, it's great that your regimen is allowing you to function so much better.

Again, thanks for sharing - it may help someone else.

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