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    De_Real_Thing posted:


    I just wanted to add my own experience of endometriosis. My period began about 2 months before my 16th birthday - yes very late. Within 6 months I began suffering from the symptoms of endometriosis. My mother took me to multiple doctors who wanted to put me on the pill or pain killers. As we're Catholic we're not allowed to use the pill so initially choose not to do so. However as the years trickled by, I began using the pill for medicinal purposes.

    I bled for approximately 16 days a month, had menstrual as well as both pre and post menstrual cramps. I couldn't walk, or even stand during my period. I vomited all the time and suffered from depression. I couldn't eat for most of the 16 days because of the vomiting. I overdosed on painkillers - until my skin began turning blue black and I had to stop using some of them esp. Baralgin. Ibuprofen didn't work for me.

    It was watching an Oprah Winfrey show around the age of 22 when she had several gynes on talking about medical conditions that women suffer from - that I then knew what I had. It pierced my heart when a doctor said "endometriosis".

    It took me 5 more years before going to doing a laparoscopy and being finally diagnosed. You see I had lost faith in doctors over the years and had stopped going to them. It took an incident early one morning, trying to crawl to the kitchen for a cup of tea - then to sit on a chair and in a matter of seconds, I was standing in a pool of blood. Then I decided on surgery.

    I had a polycystic ovary and many small growths confirming endometriosis. I was given some injections for several months (can't remember the medication) after surgery that stopped my period for over 9 months. This was my first relief in years. I actually had energy and felt an improvement in my emotions. I can't tell you the joy I and relief I felt after this surgery and during the months on this medication.

    Really, this is a condition with no cure. While off the meds, and upon the return of my period, and within a matter of months, I was back to square one - heavy bleeding, severe pain, vomiting, crying the works. Again, I stopped going to doctors and turned to the Lord. I started back on the pill.

    I decided to stay at home full time to go to college so I didn't have funds for the pill and my condition began to worsen. I was now 33 years old, suffering for 17 years with this condition. One day I attended a healing Mass at a Eucharistic Adoration Chapel to pray for success in my exams - and then it happened. As the priest raised the Blessed Sacrament, I felt something reached down from above and touched my womb. It was a gentle and warm touch. But I didn't know what it was. He walked down the aisle in the church with the Blessed Sacrament again and it happened a second time. Something touched my womb. And then a third time, it occurred when he stood in front of the congregation.

    You see, there's scripture reference to a woman who had hemorrage and was healed when she was touched by the Lord. (Mark 5:25-34)The truth is, I felt like I was in her position. I had spent all my money and been to many doctors, and my condition was worsening. I had hit rock bottom. Only God could have saved me.

    The next month, I only knew my period began when I went to the bathroom. It had never been like that before. Usually, I would be doubled over in pain a few hours before my period began so I knew it was coming. Now, it just started pain-free. I moved from bleeding 16 days a month to 5 days a month. I moved from 9 heavy days of bleeding to 1-2 mild days of bleeding and three light days. My energy returned. My spirit blossomed. My faith in God was restored.

    This experience occurred 7 years ago. I am now 40 years old. I suffered and prayed for 17 years. I've never suffered these symptoms since that day in church. Only God knows your pain. I can only empathise. I live in the Caribbean and medical treatments here are not as great as what you would receive in the US. Don't give up hope.

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