New to acne
An_250712 posted:
I'm 19 years old. I have never had acne a day in my life. ever. ever ever ever ever. In the past month or less, I have developed small bumps,not nessicarily ready-to-burst white heads or black heads, around the sides of my mouth and forehead.
I was taught as a young girl to wash my face every night before I go to bed and every morning when I wake up and have always abided it. Washing my face is my "religion".
I am a college student, so It could possibly be stress. I no longer work at hooters so I can't blame the greasy, oily place and food and balancing a job and school. I recently changed my pillow cases, hoping to help with not smothering my face in oil through out the night. I'm no where near about to begin my period or ovulation. I also am not pregnant.
Could this be a food allergy? stress? something else? It somewhat looks like the rash I developed due to a sulfa-based antibiotic except not as swollen or red. I'm on no new medications either. I did take a z-pack for an upper respiratory infection a little over a month ago. One of the side effects was acne, however seeing as though it has been so long, I no longer think that it is/was the culprit I'm sitting here with a mud mask on my face right now that I am about to get up and wash off.
I really want to know what is causing it so that I can prevent it from happening again as well as remedies for it.

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bpcookie responded:
Oooohhhh hun, Im so sorry. Acne can be so embarrassing. I'm 48 and am going through the same thing. All of a sudden bam, my face, chest, neck and back broke out but its like you described. Its just red, raced bumps. I have tried two different acne meds and it only seemed to make it worse. I tried the mud mask as well. I believe that mine is caused by hormone fluctuations because Im peri-menopausal. NO FUN.

My daughter used to have really bad acne when she was a teen. I took her to a dermatologist and after a few failed prescriptions, she found the right one for my daughter. It was a face wash that was to be used twice a day. Her acne cleared up with in a few weeks. She looked like a whole new person. So my suggestion is to make an apt. with a Dermatologist. I hope it clears up very soon. Then you can forget having to do mud masks.