Fish Oil Caps
WillowRN posted:
I take triple strength fish oil capsules (1400 mg) for heart health, and it has the added bonus of improving moisture in the eyes and skin. It can't hurt and it might relieve some of the dryness and itchiness that you are experiencing. Have you tried using topical hydrocortisone cream to eliminate the itch? This might help in the short term (no more than 3 days use, 3 times a day) to reduce the itching. Avoid using soap on your breasts, keep showers short and not too hot, and avoid over showering. Try a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Stay away from all of the lotions and cosmetics and leave your breasts open to air at night by wearing a loose cotton t-shirt or nightgown (or nothing at all). Try to avoid itching, as it can cause skin breakdown and will only make things worse. If the itching and rash don't improve, check with your doctor or dermatologist for further treatment. Best of luck!
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