Thickened endometrial lining
carebear52 posted:
Hi I am 52, stopped my periods 5 months ago - assumed menopause, feeling very bloated for the past 3 months - doc ordered hormone test - all show I am not in menopause - ordered ultrasound - showed thickened endometrium at 2.3 cm. Uterus measures 10.5 X 4.6 X 5.9 cm; right ovary fine - left ovary not seen. Prescribed 10 days of Prometrium with follow up in 6 wks with another ultrasound and an endometrial biopsy. My question - why not just do the biopsy now just to rule out cancer - doc said would like to shed the lining first with hormone pills. Any women with similar issues??
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Anon_6061 responded:
Your doctor's treatment plan sounds reasonable to me. The thickened lining is indicative of having gone awhile without a period. It's not unusual in the years leading up to menopause to miss periods, sometimes for months (even close to a year) at a time. You aren't considered menopausal until you've gone a full 12 months without a period.

It's not unusual for the uterine lining to have periods of abnormal thickness during this time of irregular cycles. But the lining usually returns to a normal thickness by the time menopause comes around.

Here are some links that may be helpful: - Imaging the endometrium - Endometrial biopsy
bzistbee responded:
I had been havin eratic periods all my life.When i became a adult i went to my gyno and he said i have endometriosis so i had sergury to remove all that old dryed blood and found i have polycystic ovary syndrom also so they cut out my cyst caked ovary and tube and the im doin better now,but still feel alittle tired.