Pregnancy Parranoia
An_193209 posted:
I am 19 years old and have been on birth control since I was about 13 (for skin reasons) and continued because I became sexually active. i've had some inconsistencies over the years due to changing of pills, stress and going on and off of it. Right now i'm on Lo Overall and missed one pill early in the pack. I took it the next day, along with that day's pill and have remained consistent. Now, a week before my period I am having a brown discharge/spotting and my breasts are more sore than they have ever been. I have had this spotting before, and i've also previously had abnormal pap spears due to hpv. My question is, could missing that one pill have caused this?
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georgiagail responded:
This is more than likely a side effect of doubling up on your birth control pills.

It would be no different than taking Plan B which is simply a higher dose of hormones found in oral contraceptives. Side effects from this can include breast tenderness and spotting.