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peri-menopausal and facing a D&C
An_193214 posted:

I am 47yrs old, and started what was diagnosed to be peri-menopause last fall. (Heavy bleeding and headaches). I've initially been working with a male GYN; he started me on progesterone cream after a two week long period and headaches in November. December and January, my period bleeding was heavy and came irregularly at 34 days, 17, and 19 days. He put me on Alora and 100mg prometrium. I didn't do well with this level of estrogen; was then placed on a Climara patch at a lower dose. Things were still "up and down"; cycle for February 27 days, but then March was 22 days; then 14 days. The GYN had me stop the estrogen and start back with just the Prometrium; 14 days off/on. I tried to start back on the estrogen patch, but did not seem to tolerate the symptoms (emotional, headache, crazy-feeling) so I stopped the Climara and just continued with the prometrium. My cycles were more regular but still heavy menstrual bleeding (in the first few days but would taper off) but I was still just not feeling well.

Earlier this month, I went to a female GYN who specializes in menopause. First, she took me off the prometrium, and I have been feeling better. She also wanted a follow-up test to an abnormal transvaginal sonogram that I had done in February. (The male GYN did not see it necessary to do a repeat sonogram.) Now, that I've gone back to evaluate the February test--my endometrium was 8mm in thickness. I had the follow-up sonogram done last week and it showed my endometrium was 15mm on day 14 of my cycle. The female GYN Doctor wants me to do a "D&C" next week; as the sonogram report also states "echogenic lesion in the endocervical canal", bilateral ovarian cysts and a fibroid. The PAP smear I just had came back normal. In a few days, I will get the estrodial and progesterone blood tests the Doctor wanted on days 21--26 of my cycle.

I cannot seem to find a good source to tell me what is normal endometrium thickness. There seems to be some difference in the interpretation of the sonogram. I have another appointment before the surgery so I thought I would ask your opinion. I am curious as to what you would recommend for my situation.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration
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