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I am bleeding after sex!
mommamendy posted:
hello i am a 25 year old mother of 4 beautiful children and i am having some issues with bleeding while i have sex. i have had women issues in the past i have had a d&c, my left ovary removed,a spontaneous abortion,cryo freezing curvix,and a leep all with a 7 year period of time. well here is something new for me a couple of days ago me and my husband were going to have sex he put it in and then looked down a notice blood. so we waited a couple of days so we can try again and now it done it again and its not period blood cause it stops after a day. and i am not going to start my period for about a week and a half. but whats getting me is that it is bright red runny looks like i had been cut and not bleeding and i just cant wrap my head around it and one more thing when we have sex its not rough. so please help me.
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Perstefanie responded:
Well, there's a lot of possible issues here. I experienced bleeding after sex with depo provera use. It has to do with the long-term effects of progesterone only drugs on your hormone levels apparently. If your progesterone is too much higher than your estrogen levels apparently the walls of vagina actually thin a little and you can get micro-tears. But there is also the possibility of cysts or fibroids causing the bleeding. You should definitely talk to your doc about this and maybe have a pelvic exam done.

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