An_193217 posted:
I haven't had sex since Sept 2009. After a yr and a half of not having sex , i decided 2 have sex w my current boyfriend. He was checked and tested and so was I, and we were clean, but after we had sex later on my vulva or the outside of my vagina around the lips started itching and it still is, and i dont know what 2 do, i was also tight after a yr
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fcl responded:
Have you tried an OTC treatment for yeast?
Courtney002 responded:
had that problem too and i washed my vagina very well for like a week and then it just seemed to go away.
I think that sometime when we are not used to having sex our body feels like there is something wrong after we do
alice98273 responded:
it could be from scarring.... after not having sex your vagina probably healed(which would explain being tight) and then when you had sex again, it re-tore. scar tissue itches while its forming.