Bacterial Vaginosis Or Something Else???
An_193230 posted:
I've been going to the doctor every month for about 6 months because my bacterial vaginosis kept coming back. All the times I was going though was because I wasn't taking all the pills. I've have a lot of trouble taking pills. So last month I went back and she gave me gel that I have to use intravaginally. I was only supposed to take it for 5 days but it wasn't gone then so I took the WHOLE TUBE OF GEL. I still discharge. I don't have an odor and it doesn't make me itch like it used too but it's so annoying. It's thick and it comes out in big portions. Like I think I have to start wearing panty liners or something all during the door. I don't know what to do. Could it be something else wrong me that the doctors at the health center can't see. Maybe I need to go see a gynecologist or something.
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An_193231 responded:
You need to go to your GYN no need to put up with it.

Sometimes BV can be very hard to get rid of.
An_193232 replied to An_193231's response:
P.S. It could be a different infection than BV.
kimmyjayboo responded:
you should look into a pap smear... I thought I had BV at one point in time and I kept getting meds and they weren't working so I had a pap smear and it turned out to be a completely different infection...