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Ablation Warning
charlie651 posted:
I am 9 weeks post my DNC/Ablation, it has been a nightmare. Two weeks post I returned to the Doc with extreme lower abdominal pain, after internal exam she said she didn't find anything. I work out daily which includes a 4 mile walk, she was aware of my activities & the fact it hurt so bad I couldn't follow through with any of my work out. Given a script for 7 days of antibiotics just in case, no other tests were done. 14 Days after my apt. I was in the hospital, pain so intense I couldn't walk. Thankfully a great surgeon was called in, emergency surgery was performed ( I now have an incision from my belly button to vagina ) before he operated he informed me this was from the ablation! I was aware of the risks but one would think a Doctor would/should have taken the appropriate steps when a patient is in so much pain, blood work, cat scan, etc. After surgery I was told I had a near fatal infection. 10 days later I went for my staple removal at wich time my lower incision area had to be re-opened the infection was pooling under my skin, all the while still on antibiotics, 9 days of daily visits to the hospital for packing & dressing changes. Check up apointments with the surgeon were scheduled weekly. I began feeling the pain starting up again, blood work & cat scan were ordered & confirmed the infection was still present. Sent to the infectious disease doctor, he ordered IV antibiotics for a month. I have also spotted/bled 4 days twice since the ablation. My two younger sisters have had the procedure as well & they have had great success. I thought it important to share this ordeal and warn everyone the risks can be serious. I can only hope this round of antibioics will eliminate the infection and I can return to my life:)
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Spankyrae responded:
I think it's important too, to know it's ok to leave a doctor if you don't feel you're getting the proper attention or treatment. Or even if you just get a bad vibe from them. I sure hope you have changed doctors!

I switched OB/GYN's when I first learned I had a dermoid cyst. My GYN at the time wanted to remove it along with my ovary (without even trying to save some of it). She didn't even order any additional tests aside from the CT scan I'd had in the ER, pre-surgery. I left her office with a bad vibe & decided to switch. One of the best decisions I've made. The new GYN I chose told me they'd save some of the ovary if possible and ordered ultrasounds plus a typical exam, pre-surgery.
kathykatt responded:
my D&C's and ablations were done vaginallly, not laproscopically from the belly button. i'm not sure why your Gyn did yours that way. there could be extenuating circumstances. i just had an ablation 2 days ago and i am taking a Z-pak for antibiotics, no need for going to the hospital for infection to the incision as their isn't any. so i'm not sure what exactly your Dr. did. i'm sorry you had this bad experience and came down with the infection and pain. i hope by now its been taken care of. let us know how you are doing.

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