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TSealy posted:
Hello, i am a female and recently while engaging in intercourse with my boyfriend i had a little pain and then we noticed a little bit of blood. it was just the tiniest amount and we stopped and i was able to engage in intercourse the next day. i have been reading up and i believe the most probable cause would be a small vaginal tear. I had described the pain to my boyfriend as a cut before i read about micro cuts and it seemed to go away pretty quickly. The pain was minimal and it felt like maybe there was a little too much friction. Does this sound reasonable? what other causes might you girls suggest? And i do have an appointment set up with my OB/GYN this month
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georgiagail responded:
Sounds like what you've diagnosed.

SnowAlicia responded:
if it was the first time, then your hymen was broken, no biggy, it happens to every female, some alot of blood others a little bit, and pain of course but not so much