recouperation from vaginal rectocele surgery
animallovergrandma posted:
Take it slow. I was told to lay off the donut as they can cause hemorrhoids. Lying down is best, change position when uncomfortable.Use those stool softeners. It is easier to do this surgery before menopause, vaginal dryness sets in unfortunately. I couldn't lift a pen, but I also had another hernia done at the same time, umbilical hernia. I also had a vaginal tightening from birthing 3 large-headed babies. Eat Fiber, Fiber, Fiber! I am 2 yrs. post op now, but was older too. I had to get things fixed, had incontinence, and painful bowel movements. Hemmorrhoids are my now complaint.
Sex is tighter for me, hurts at first too. Patience is needed on the husbands part in that case. Lubrication helps and is necessary for me at least. I use suppositories when needed to lubricate the rectum.
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