bititi posted:
I am a girl of 18 years old having whitish-yellowish vaginal discharge and itching since one year please what kind of infection is this because my friend told me if I don't find a solutin to it nnow that in I can be a victim of infertility in nearest future
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An_193244 responded:
See a doctor. We can't diagnose you over the internet. In the interests of your own health, please see a physician.
An_193245 responded:
It sounds like an infection and you will need to see a doctor to get medicine.
georgiagail responded:
Most women have a vaginal discharge; this is the way the vagina keeps clean. It does not necessarily indicate an infection nor will to affect furture fertility.

If there is a strong smell, burning or intense itching then yes, this is likely due to some type of infection and needs to be looked into medically.