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Can I become pregnant when I stop having periods?
An_193246 posted:
I havent had my period in almost two months now. Doctors have taken tests and say I am not pregnant. I even have done a blood test and that was negative on being pregnant. I am going in for an ultrasound to make sure 100% that I am not pregnant but I'm certain I am not pregnant. In any case, is it still possible to get pregnant if you don't have your period anymore?
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tlkittycat1968 responded:
Yes, it is possible to get pregnant. Since you ovulate before your period, there is a chance you could ovulate and not know it. If that happens and you have unprotected sex, you could get pregnant.

My SIL has not has a period since December 2006 due to pregnancies and excusively breastfeeding. She got pregnant with her youngest without having a post-partum period.
lajoy20 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
I am having the same problem but i would like to know how can i get pernant fast?
fiannakyn replied to lajoy20's response:
If there was a way to get a woman pregnant fast and was garenteed, there would bea lot of happy families.
Unfortunatly there is not proven fast and sure way. Trust me, If there was, I would be a mother of at least a 10 year old now. We've been trying for over 10 years with ZERO luck.

Anon: if the blood test is negative, it was negative. unless for some reason your results got mixed up. However, your gyn probably agreed to the U/S so s/he can look at your ovaries and uterus to make sure there isnt something else causeing the lack of menstration.

The above pp was correct that there is a chance of getting pregnant without a period. The chances are TINY if you are not postpartum however, something like a 2% chance each month, with daily sex.

You do have to ovulate before getting pregnant OR your period. However ther are many things that causes ovulation to fail. If you are TRYING to get pregnant and are still missing your period, then defantly go to the doctor to discuss options.
The "standard procedure" is Provera to induce a period, then Clomid to induce ovulation.

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