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Quick Pepper Saute
Shanthz posted:

Bell peppers are nutritious and packed with vitamins. WebMD has a detailed description of health benefits of peppers here .

We use peppers of all kinds in our cooking, sometimes bell peppers but more often thai bird chillies, jalapenos and mexican chillies. Red pepper flakes and chilli powder find their way into our many curries and stews.

These colorful sauteed bell peppers and a boiled egg was dinner tonight, which was all scooped up with homemade flatbreads (rotis). It can also be rolled into a fajita or piled onto a sandwich....endless possibilities. You can also make it heartier by adding some potatoes.

There isn't much of a recipe for this simple dish which comes together in minutes. I sauteed sliced onions, garlic, ginger, bell peppers, a little diced tomato, and some spinach in olive oil. This recipe doesn't call for any other spices so as to not mask the flavor of the bell peppers. I topped it with a hard-boiled egg, some cilantro and had it with flatbreads. You can read it here .

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