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Mexitil (Mexiletine) discontinued
cowboytru posted:
hello my name is Jimmy...52 y.o. male...have a defib implanted due to tacycardia I was notified that Teva no longer manufactures the drug Mexiletine...I need it along with Amiodarone to maintain proper heart rhythm...most folks can get along with Amio. but I needed Mex. to replace the Lidocaine My Dr. has had no luck finding a replacement...I don't have many left and have been cutting back from 3 to 2...went to 1 yesterday and all but went into tacycardia(I really, really don't like getting shocked) If anyone knows about another drug or is having/had a simular experience please let me know Thank you, Jimmy
MLauren responded:
Hi Jimmy? did you find some? I take Mexiletine as well. What I found is that they discontinued certain dosages. I was able to 250mg capsules instead of my 200mg tablets.......

Hope that helps,

valkenamjean responded:
Hi Jimmy,

I also take mexiletine (200mg 3 times a day) and have not been able to get a refill. I have been told that Teva discontinued production of the drug, but their customer service department told me this morning (03/04/2010) that they only are on backlog. So the good news is that they continue to produce the capsules. The bad news is that the 150 mg capsules won't be available until late March to early April. The 200 mg capsules won't be available until mid to late April.

I will be running out of capsules within the next couple weeks. My doctor was not aware of this situation, so he doesn't have an alternative as yet.

Good luck,

chmash responded:
Hi Jimmy,

We were able to find it from a compounding pharmacy in NJ "wedgewood pharmacy".

Try these guys

broker11 responded:
Hey Jimmy,
I know what you are going through!!! I also MUST take Amiodarone and Mexiletine. I was also running out and went from taking 150 mg of Mexiletine 3 times a day to 200 mg. 2 times a day, because I couldn't find anymore 150 mg. I felt like I was going to get a shock, I got so out of rhymn. Luckily it didn't shock me. I felt bad the next day. It gets your heart in a different heart rythmn when you change how many times a day you take them I was on my way to Florida on vacation. I found a Walmart in Kissimmee, Florida which had the 150 mg. Thank the good Lord!!! He had several hundred in stock. I could geet as much as I had prescriptions for, if it was NOT run through insurance. I had to pay 100% of the price. You may need to get your doctor to fax the pharmacy a 90 day
prescription. Call a lot of pharmacies and buy what they have. If the pharmacy is out of state they can sent it to to you. You could ask your local Walmart if they can check different locations or give you phone numbers. I found some locally today at an an independent pharmacy. I will pray you will be able to locate some. CALL LOTS OF PHARMACIES!
God Bless,
Ritadog responded:
Hello --

I also take mexiletine to prevent me from going into VTach... which means it saves my life! I was very anxious to learn there are so many issues filling it here in the states. So I did some research. I found mexiletine at several Canadian pharmacies.
I'm going to try them. To find pharmacies in Canada use not .com --- Next, click the website and look for the CIPA certification at the bottom of the screen. is a great website which explains the certification process of online canadian pharmacies.
cowboytru replied to Ritadog's response:
Thank you all very much...I checked the forum several times but failed to keep checking

Still haven't found a with your info that may you broker11 I've been out of rhythm to the point that I surely thot I was gonna get shocked or worse

what gets me is why my Dr doesn't know this...they just say call us if you need us...oh ok, I'll call your cell at 4am lol...certainly thot if anyone knew it would be my Dr...makes me think of changing

slowly I have weaned from 3/day to 1 every couple of days...if they got kicked in the chest one time(18 so far for me)they would find a replacement drug

It took mex. to wean off lidocaine in hosp.
crazy thing is during my first Drs visit, the devices parameters were changed by the Rep.
Before I could get to the car, it started shocking me...that would be the last 6 to make 18!

Its crazy to get an ambulance called to ya while you're still on hospital grounds! LOL back to CCU again

Anyway thank you all again

God bless,
Seione responded:
Hey everyone,

It's good to read about others having the same problems. I mean, it's not good and i wish we never had these issues.

I'm 27 and had rheumatic fever when I was young which lead to me needing an ICD. Not too long ago I went into V-Fib and my ICD hit me 13 times.

They had me on a toxic level of Ami, 400 mgs every 8 hours, and the side effects were really starting to mess with me. After I had a RFA done, they dropped it to 200 mg a day with 200mg of Mex. a day. This combo has worked wonders and I haven't had any episodes since.

I got really worried when i heard that Mex was discontinued. I didn't want to have to go back on the high dose of Ami again.

Thank you all for shedding some light on this for me. My anxiety level of getting shocked has now gone down. :)

Best wishes!
broker11 replied to cowboytru's response:

How many mg. of Mexilitine are each of you capsules? I don't why the company is causing this shortage. I just found some, but I couldn't get as much as would have liked. Keep calling every pharmacy in the area. Call the Walmart on Vine Street, in Kissimmee, Florida. They had a lot last month when I was there. Your Walmart should be able to check for you, or at least give you their phone number.

I pray you will locate some soon!!!!

I am in the same boat, buddy.
cowboytru replied to broker11's response:
150 mg
broker11 replied to cowboytru's response:

I take 150 mg. too. What state do you live in? How long will it be when you are out of Mexilitine? Maybe I can help you find some. I just read that the 150 mg. may be available the middle of March, but I don't think that is correct. I live in Ohio, but I think out of state pharmacies will mail it to you. I pray that we will be able to find it soon.
cowboytru replied to broker11's response:
I live in SC...found some yesterday at Walgreen
cowboytru replied to broker11's response:
And......Thank you very much for your concern and willingness to help

broker11 replied to cowboytru's response:

What great new that you found Mexelitine!!! Have a great day!
tresvick replied to valkenamjean's response:
I hope you are right and Mexiletine will be continued. I need it for my CHF and my defib. It went off 12 times before the doctors tried this drug and I was very upset to find they had discontinued it. Vickie

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