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patent foramen ovale (PFO). Extremely tired!
quietsoundheart posted:
A couple of years ago during an Echo(Bubble Test) and a TEE I was told I had a hole between the right and left chambers of my heart. They decided NOT to close it because I didn't have a stroke. My questions are:

Can this cause extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, not being able to do tasks such as food shopping because too tired to do it. fluttering in chest, chronic pain in chest.

Had an EKG done the other day and did not suffer a heart attack but they are going to repeat the stress test and do another Echo with bubble test. wondering if this hole is causing me to feel the way I do.
cardiostarusa1 responded:

"Can this cause......"

While those described symptoms are not typically reported, anything is seemingly possible today, especially since everyone is medically unique.

General info -

Mayo Clinic

Patent foramen ovale


Most people with a patent foramen ovale don't know they have it, because it's usually a hidden condition that doesn't create signs or symptoms.

Cleveland Clinic

Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO)

Symptoms of PFO

Most patients do not have any symptoms with PFO

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quietsoundheart responded:
then what in the heck is causing this , last night i woke up with my heart banging in my chest! I'm out of breath all the time. the tasks i use to do i can't. i have a pressure in my chest ....I guess a 49 year old woman is suppose to feel like this.
cjl0510 replied to quietsoundheart's response:
I was told I had a PFO and the cardiologist told me it was nothing to worry about until it starts 'shunting' the wrong way. I wanted another opinion- and I am SO GLAD I got one! Come to find out I have had multiple TIA (mini strokes) and I was only 17 at the time!! I never knew I had them. But I went to another cardiologist and he told me I needed surgery on monday! I had a 9mm ASD (hole in the same place as an PFO). The color returned to my face after it was fixed and I feel so much better now. So now I am an extreme advocate of a second opinion. And yes, I would say it caused me shortness of breath and fatigue!
quietsoundheart replied to cjl0510's response:
Now see the reason they checked me two years ago was because I had given myself a shot of Humira for arth. and I didn't feel right and the left side of my face went number and my left eye kept twitching. The doctor sent me for an MRI of the brain and had an echo done and stress test. that's when they found the hole. sent me to a heart doctor, who did a TEE (never again) saw the hole but the neruologist said i didn't have a stroke so they didn't close it. However I'm still getting that numbness on the left side of my face. No one cares. I guess I'll just fall over one day and get my husband to sue the doctors when I die of whatever this is. I have a hard time remembering things when they are just told to me 15 mins before or the day before. I'm only 49 not 89!! It will be interesting to see the results of these tests.
rkjane replied to quietsoundheart's response:
have you been tested for lyme disease?....if not it would definitely be worth looking at
Utahryan responded:
Hi there,.. I'm having similar problems.. You never said what happened, just curious what the diagnosis was and what you did for it..
I'm having a bubble echo test tomorrow..
Hope it's not positive for a hole in my heart..
I'll keep you posted..
Looks like your last post was 3 years ago, so I hope I hear from you..
take care.
Utahryan replied to Utahryan's response:
My bubble test was perfect !!!
No hole at all... No bubbles went to the other sire of the heart !1
Whew !.. It's like a new lease on life !
I'll keep you all in my prayers and thoughts..
Live well and be healthy ,,,
Utahryan replied to quietsoundheart's response:
Ginko Bilkoba does wonders for memory loss and mental sharpness.. try it out..
James Beckerman, MD, FACC responded:
A smaller hole (a patent foramen ovale) would not typically be expected to cause symptoms like shortness of breath and chronic chest pain. A larger hole (like an atrial septal defect) could potentially cause some symptoms. It may be worth discussing with your doctor.
lovesjesusmysavior responded:
Yes, these are some of the symptoms many, many people with this condition share, including myself. Continue researching and you will find many others with similar accounts. Good luck.

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