Please help me understand why my EKG came back abnormal
AmandaLoki posted:
Im only 25 no heart problems in my family ever never. My heart wants to come out of my chest sometimes it takes my breath away. My dr didnt really explain what was going on or if i needed to see someone elts. My EKG he said was abnormal something to do with sinus node, not working or something.....Like i said he didnt tell me much. It's been this way for a long time like years . I have 2 kids and feel ok for the most part...I have these RANDOM heart funny heart beats alot, once a day maybe not for a week then for 5days it will be bad then not for a few days then for a hole month. Anyway you can help?????
cjl0510 responded:
It would be hard to figure out what is going on with you without knowing exactly what the EKG said. If you get PAC's they can cause palpitations, or if you had a tachycardia in sinus rhythm then they might not do much besides give you a betablocker. Is he planning on doing something with the results- what did he say the plan of action is?