Tachycardia in pregnancy
nic14120 posted:
I am not sure if this is thre right place to post, but I am looking for some expert advice, please. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing episodes of racing heart beat up to 172 bpm, anywhere from a few min, up to 25 min. The longest tends to be when I am not home. My OB referred me to the cardiologist and is relying on her adv. My ob said it wont hurt the baby if it is less than 30 min. I saw a card who I was not happy with. I called for an appt for a second opinion, but they asked me to wait. My ob has not returned my calls.
My sister was tacy in her preg, needed an ablastion after her preg. I adv of my sisters issues and the card said I am prob taking after her. She said my ekg was normal (i am not tacy every day), said i didnt need a monitor bc she knows im racing from what ive said., I do have my echo on tue. The card recommended I take a betablocker that is safe, but I am hesitant to take any meds in general, esp when they could slow my babys heart rate as she said. My question is: is my ob correct that it wont hurt my baby? also, are there any safe natural ways to lower my hr when this happens? is it safe to prescribe meds as she has before knowing what my echo results are? Thank you!